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Welcome! I am a staff photographer for The Huntsville Times newspaper in Huntsville, Alabama. I shoot with a Nikon D3 digital camera and in my spare time, (what little I have) I like to photograph lightning and fly really big kites (not at the same time). Thanks for looking.

Memorial Day weekend 2006 I took photos of John Ninomiya, a helium cluster balloon pilot from Soana Beach, CA at the Decatur AL Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival. John uses helium ballons attached to a harness to soar into the sky. Saturday he got about half of the ballloons inflated before rain canceled his flight plans. Before sunup Sunday they started inflating the rest of the balloons and he finally got to take off. After landing, John let some of the volunteer crew take teathered rides on his rig and I got to go up as well as you can see in the photo to the right. A special thanks to Jonathan Palmer at The Decatur Daily for getting a photo of me up in the air. If you want to find out more about John Ninomiya and his cluster ballons go to

Click here for day one photos inflating balloons

Click here for day two photos of the cluster balloon flying.

Received from Rep. Bud Cramer the Roll Call "Images of Capital Hill" Congressional 2006 Calendar which has a photo of me flying my large Delta kite on the National Mall as the picture for the month of March. Check out my other kite photos below.


Oct. 8-12,2005 - Spent 5 days in Biloxi, MS with Southwood Presbyterian Church doing hurricane relief work. The area is devistated and it is hard to imagine just how bad it is for the people living along the Gulf Coast until you are there and actually see it for yourself. I have posted photos of the trip at if you would like to see what we did and some of the destruction around Biloxi from Hurricane Katrina.




July 18-Aug. 8th I was in Alaska. My 84 year-old Uncle Leon has been to Alaska 30 times and has always wanted me to go with him so I finally went with my son Jordan, cousin Richard and Uncle Leon. We flew into Anchorage from Atlanta.

Click here to view all the Alaska photos I have posted.




My good friend, fellow Scouter and chairman of the UAH Physics Department, Dr. Lloyd Hillman passed away May 2,2005. To quote the opening of his lifestory in The Huntsville Times : "As a professor distinguished for his physics work and dedication to students, a Boy Scout leader who inspired his charges while making the world easier to understand, and a devoted family man and friend, Dr. Lloyd Hillman managed the work of several lifetimes in his 50 years." The quicktime video below is a tribute to Lloyd for those of us who had the priviledge of knowing, working or enjoying life with him.

To view this movie you will need to install the new Quicktime version 7.0 for Mac or Windows. To download the free Quicktime 7.0 player to view the movie go to:

The song Take an Eagle by Brad Fitch used with his permission ©2001, TropiCowboy Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved.

I Wonder What Would Happen To This World by Harry Chapin ©1978 Five J's Songs.

A memorial fund has been set up in Lloyd Hillman's name to provide scholarships for Scouts to attend the high school Challenge Youth Leadership program run by Huntsville/Madison County Leadership. If you would like more info on the program, the scholarship or contributing to the fund please contact me at

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Sports Big Spring Jam 2004

Kites 8.5 Meter Furax by Ramlal Tien - First Flight

2005 Smithsonian Kite Festival Washington DC

Thanks to Tom Williams from Roll Call for providing some of the Washington DC images of me and my kite and the Capital Police for not arresting me.


New York City Photos 12/03

Seige of Bridgeport, AL 3/2004

Ambrotypist Wendell Decker at Bridgeport, AL 3/2004

Download .pdf file of The Huntsville Times article on Bridgeport reenactment click here - Page 1& Page 2

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Huntsville Tower Crane

Huntsville Botanical Garden

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