Alaska - 2005

July 18-Aug. 8th I was in Alaska. My 84 year-old Uncle Leon has been to Alaska 30 times and has always wanted me to go with him so I finally went with my son Jordan, cousin Richard and Uncle Leon. We flew into Anchorage from Atlanta. Click on the link for each day to view the photos.

Alaska Day 1 - First batch of Alaska photos from Anchorage.

Alaska Day 2 - Leaving Anchorage to go to Seward with a stop at Portage Glacier.

Alaska Day 3 - Real Alaska wildlife, Kenai Fjords and Seward.

Alaska Day 4 & 5 - Homer and back to Anchorage

Alaska Day 6 - From Anchorge to Trapper Creek, first view of Denali

Alaska Day 7 - Trapper Creek to Denali

Alaska Day 8t - Denali National Park

Alaska Day 9 - Fairbanks

Alaska Day 10 - Alaska Salmon Bake

Alaska Day 11 - Riverboat Discovery, Fairbanks

Alaska Day 12 - Alaska Pipeline - Fox, Alaska

Alaska Day 13 - Gold Dredge No. 8 - Fox, Alaska

Alaska Day 14 - Nenana & Moose

Alaska Day 15 - Wal*Mike's, Talkeena and Fishing

Alaska Day 16 & 17 - Trapper Creek, The Forks Roadhouse, Salmon Fishing

Alaska Day 18 - Views of Denali from Trapper Creek, Whitewater Rafting at Denali (Thanks to Nenana Raft Adventures and John Aliperti for a great time and the rafting photos - - beaver pond at Trapper Creek.